Top 10 Tips On Turning 30


So now that we have managed to read out that title lol let’s get into this post. Today on December 2nd 2017 I turned 30; and given the fact that I am at home at 8:20 pm typing this post says a bit about what turning 30 looks like (I’m kidding) . This is one of those birthdays where at least one or maybe several people will tell you that you’re getting old. Even if technically you’re only one year older than 29 the absence of the number 2 makes it a big deal apparently.I don’t feel old at all, it’s just that I tend to enjoy makeup free days, spent doing absolutely nothing a lot more than I used to. I think this is why I chose this picture rather than one with me all glammed up with an inflated number 3 and number 0 suspended somewhere over my head.(no offence to others who choose to go that way I just can’t pull it off) So just in case you are about to turn 30, already 30 or wishing you could be 30 again here are my top 10 tips.

  1. Prioritize: Although you probably should not wait until you are 30 to do this but if you aren’t already there’s no better time than the present.I know everyone will be telling you that your biological clock is ticking but what this tip is really about is recognising how you are spending your time and whether the things that you are doing are actually worth your time anyway. Are you spending too much time on social media sites? Are you spending too much time in a relationship that isn’t going anywhere or are you not spending enough time doing the things that matter like spending time with family or spending time doing the things you love.

2. Organise your finances: If you haven’t already, start thinking about setting aside something for your retirement, medical bills or if you’re married consider a joint account to put towards your home or vacations or your next vehicle. Consider clearing or reducing your credit card bill. There is so much information online for ways to minimise spending and increase savings.It’s all about making the effort to improve the look of your bank account balance.

3. Wellbeing: With age comes different levels of responsibility. Maybe you have a husband, or children, a mortgage or student loan or maybe you are battling an illness; whatever the case may be, the truth is that life never ceases to present challenges, and these vary greatly from the ones you may have endured in your teens.It’s important to focus on your wellbeing  whether it is through spirituality, meditation, yoga, or your personal methods for self care, just be sure to do something that works for you.

4. Health: Eating well , sleeping well and exercise. If my husband ever read this he would probably wonder why I am not taking my own advice because I am so guilty of ignoring all 3, but your body tells you when you are lacking in any of these areas and you will notice if you pay attention to it. Although I am not the healthiest eater and there are days when I go on just 4 hours of sleep and I have donated to a gym or two lol I do try .

5.Fitness: Although I mentioned this previously I think its important to make this a tip all on its own. Maybe like me you cannot commit to a gym, but try working out at home especially if your job is not physically demanding .You will notice that your metabolism is not what it was before  and that extra milkshake will give you a bulge that wont just magically disappear in the morning like it used to so developing a lifestyle that includes fitness is definitely something you need to do.

6. Career: Are you already doing what you love? Are you in a job that challenges you? Are you making enough? Is there something else that you would rather be doing? Ask yourself these questions. Don’t delay your desire for more out of life.

7. Anti ageing Skin care: I got mixed reviews online on the best time to start using anti ageing products. I think you will notice the difference in your skin and know when you need to upgrade your skin care regimen.If nothing else invest in a good sunscreen. This is one product that I believe is critical to preserving that youthful glow.

8. Fall in love with yourself: You have had 30 years on this earth and if that wasn’t enough time to make you love you then maybe you need to start talking to yourself like you would someone you love. Give yourself compliments. Buy yourself something nice every once in a while; just be good to you.

9. Travel: I have always wanted to go to Paris. Maybe its the movies I’ve seen or maybe because I just love a bit of over the top romance every now and then; but its one of those places I’d love to go to. It’s refreshing and relaxing to experience new cultures with that special someone or just on your own. It gives you the opportunity to just unwind outside of the routine of life.

10. Don’t be too hard on yourself: These are just tips. They are tips that I constantly need to remind myself of because I am nowhere near perfect . I remember watching an episode of Friends once when Rachel turned 30 and she was trying to work out how much time she had left to have a baby. There’s absolutely no need to do that to yourself. I am 30 and yes I am married but I don’t have any children yet, my finances are not perfect, I don’t have abs, I don’t have a perfect a job and I am ok with that. I saw this quote once on Pintrest and I will end this post on that note. Your story is unique and so so different and not worthy of comparison. Always love and appreciate yourself for who you are. Here’s to 30!!!!!!!

Please let me know what you think and feel free to share some tips of your own in the comments below.


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  1. Hey Shaiz! Travelling is so so so important. I’m hoping to go somewhere warm next summer, let’s hope I actually do it. Happy belated birthday, by the way, hope you had an amazing day 🙂

    El @ Exclusory 💕



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