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If you have been following me on any of my social media accounts you may have realised how much I love supporting small businesses. When I discovered La Rose Bath and Beauty products I was very impressed with her dedication to creating products free of harmful chemicals and offering consumers organic ingredients they could trust. I purchased a few products at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. If you visit La Rose Bath and Beauty Products please read D’Andra’s very inspirational story behind her brand.

There are so many beauty and household products to choose from but I decided to start off with these.

  • Blueberry tea organic bath and body massage oil
  • Raspberries and cream organic whipped shea butter and sugar scrub
  • Skin correcting gentle facial wash
  • Clean Cotton Deodorant


My Thoughts

Bath and Body Massage Oil

This was highly moisturising and non greasy. My skin felt really soft and smooth after applying. I found it to be quite soothing post shaving as well.The body and massage oils are available in various fragrances and there are unscented versions for those with sensitive skin ,who prefer fragrance free.


Raspberries and Cream Organic Whipped Shea butter

This body scrub was unlike any other that I have used before. There was somewhat of a balance between the creamy and grainy consistency of the scrub. I think it is an excellent physical exfoliant and perfect for those who are  unable to tolerate a typical sugar scrub; the shea butter adds a bit of softness that your skin is sure to love.


Skin Correcting Gentle Face Wash

I think what impressed me most with this gentle face wash is the ingredients. I mean it is just ridiculous how much goodness is in this face wash; from oils to pink Himalaya salt it is truly heaven in a bottle. I love the creamy texture and the scent as well. I did notice that a few dark spots I had on my forehead have faded by using this so I can tell you that it definitely works.


Clean Cotton Deodorant

This was by far my favourite product. It isn’t often that I purchase a product and can confidently say that I am sticking to it simply because I love trying out new things ; but I have been searching for an organic deodorant for so long and the issue that I had before was that they did not offer all day protection. I am so glad that I finally found one which does. It doesn’t leave behind any residue and it has such a pleasant scent as well. If you take nothing else from this post please consider switching to an organic deodorant. Although evidence does not yet confirm the link between aluminium based deodorants and breast cancer it still makes sense to consider organic alternatives. I simply choose not to take the risk with my body or breasts and I will be purchasing these for my mom and sister and grandmother as well.


As promised my exclusive discount code is SHAIZ10 so be sure to use it for 10% off all of your purchases. For now shipping to the UK is quite expensive as this is a US based company but I will be placing an order in January so if any of you are interested I can make arrangements for you. Send me a message on instagram or twitter if you are interested. As always thank you so much for stopping by.


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    1. It works really well for me Erika so you should definitely try it. I am thinking of ordering a few products again soon so if you are interested let me know. xx



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