Skin Organics Beauty Box December Edition

I received this box just before Christmas and for reasons I am unable to discuss at this time I wasn’t able to post a review until now. The skin organics clean beauty box is as the name suggests. The contents of this box are non toxic with no parabens, no SLS and  no hidden nasties. This was the first beauty box I ever purchased and I am so pleased with the products I received. Be warned that some of the items are completely used up lol.

The boxes start at £19 with £3.95 UK postage. It is a great way for persons new to organic skin care to try out new brands with out the hassle of worrying about whether or not your products are genuinely organic. For more experienced organic skin care users this box may introduce you to brands you might not have been aware of before.Check out this amazing beauty box here .Boxes are posted on the 20th of each month and you can also build your own box for only £15. Now lets get into the contents. The December edition included 8 items.


  1. Bryt Skin Care Day  daily moisturiser with  SPF 15: (sample size) The day moisturiser is a light mattifying moisturiser with SPF 15. It contains ingredients such as Vitamin E and essential oils including green tea, bergamot, lemon and mandarin.I am new to this brand but because I fell in love with the night cream I will definitely be purchasing the full size of the day moisturiser.The full size retails at £18.50.

2. Bryt Skin Care Night Cream: (Full size) I am really happy I received a full size of this product because I was already running low on my night cream. I really love the colourful packaging of this brand and with ingredients such as rose absolute, chinese geranium, palma rosa and lavender I was sold!! It’s not too greasy and I use this along with my serum to really seal in all the potent ingredients. The full size retails at £18.50.

3. Siskyn Grapefuit and Sweet Fennel Toning Body Oil: ( 30 ml travel size) I am no stranger to siskyn and I have completely used up this bottle!! The toning body oil has ingredients such as grapeseed, toning hazelnut, skin restructuring peach kernel and apricot kernel as well as sweet fennel, grapefruit and cypress. The siskyn sisters refer to it as a zesty body boost in a bottle and I absolutely love how moisturising it is. The 150 ml bottle retails at £32. You can check out my review of other siskyn products here.

4. Bodhi & Boich Ylang and Ylang Incense Bath and Shower Gel: (50 ml travel size)I love this bath and shower gel and the ingredients did not irritate my dry sensitive skin. With ingredients such as atlas cedarwood, spiked with fragrant honeysuckle, neroli and pink peppercorn I found this deeply hydrating for my skin. The sensual blend of fragrances is one both you and you partner will enjoy. The full size of this body wash retails at £20.

5. Narloa Mandarin Cleansing oil: (Full size) I have never used anything from this brand before and I am glad I was introduced to this cleansing oil. Prior to using this oil I used makeup remover wipes but I think this is a more natural alternative given some of the ingredients of the makeup wipes I used before. The cleansing oil offers a luxurious blend of plant powered oils such as sunflower and evening primrose among others. The full size retails at £12.50.

6. Konjac Mini Rudolph Pore Refiner with red Clay : ( mini size) This pore refiner is perfect for targeting and refining pores. It is pH balanced with mineral rich red clay which is known to stimulate blood circulation and give skin a healthy glow. It is also ideal for those prone to eczema and psoriasis. I have not tried the sponge  yet but I am excited to see what it does for my skin.This retails at £6.99.

7. Lilian Jones Cinamon Swirl Tea Light Candle: (Full Size) I used this on Christmas Day and I loved the scent mainly because I really like the smell of Cinnamon. It gave the bedroom a really cozy feel and I will definitely be trying some other fragrances from Lilian jones. The 100 g cinnamon swirl candle tin retails at £6 but is currently on sale so you can get it now for £5.

8. Truffle Pig Vegan Handmade Dark Orange Rose and Raspberry Chocolate: (Full size)This was definitely a pleasant surprise to find chocolate in a skin care beauty box. I did say that in 2018 I would try eating healthier so maybe I will trade in my Cadbury for this who knows!! I will definitely check out truffle pig for some healthier chocolate alternatives .


If any of you would like to try a beauty box I strongly suggest an organic alternative and why not start with this one. Your skin and your body will be glad you did. As always thank you for stopping by.

SAAF Pure Organic Skincare



I was recently gifted two items from SAAF and I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to try out such an amazing brand. The items I received were:

  • Complexion Boosting Face Serum
  • Foot softening Balm

Before I get into the products  I wanted to give you a brief overview of the brand and what they represent. SAAF is marketed as being quite simply; pure. The award winning products are scientifically formulated by the founder Dr Mah and her very experienced team of experts. All of SAAF’s products are 100% natural and they provide an excellent  source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. They are cruelty free, vegetarian, organic, vegan and halal. I am not aware of any  other brand with that many accreditations and I am truly impressed with all they represent.

The information provided about the products were taken from the website.I will begin with the complexion boosting serum.If you are not already aware serums are basically used after cleansing and before moisturizing with the intent of delivering a higher concentration of active ingredients. This might seem like a lot to take in; cleansing, serums, moisturizers, lol but it’s okay skin care is a journey and you get better at it with time. I am still learning.

The complexion boosting serum is ideal for:

  • Detoxing congested skin.
  • Oily and acne prone skin conditions.
  • Dull skin.
  • Hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone and texture.



Apply a small amount of the serum twice a day morning and evening and allow it to penetrate for a few minutes.

Key Ingredients:

Safflower Oil: To increase moisture content and soothe skin irritation and itchiness.

Jojoba oil: It is protective and helps the skin retain moisture.

Rosehip seed oil: Promotes healthy skin renewal.

Black seed oil: Acts as an anti-inflammatory to help clear breakouts and smooth blemishes.

Lemongrass: Pore refining properties.

Juniper berry: Skin detoxifying and purifying effects. Aids in balancing oily complexion and helps soothe acne.


My Thoughts

This is definitely one of the best serums I have ever tried and it has earned a permanent spot in my skin care routine. The serum is not thick at all and is very easily absorbed by the skin. Initially I wasn’t very sure about the smell but I have gotten used to it and with the results I have had so far I don’t even care what it smells like to be honest. With continued use I don’t believe you would have much use for a primer because of the pore refining properties of this serum. Prepare for even skin and gradual fading of dark spots and blemishes. I absolutely love this serum!!!!!


Foot Softening Balm

Ideal for :

  • Dry hardened skin .
  • Itchy irritated skin.
  • Tired aching feet.


Massage into clean feet , heels, toes and ankles before bed. For particularly dry feet apply a generous layer of balm and wear cotton socks over night.


Key Ingredients:

Safflower oil: Increases moisture content of skin.

Blackseed oil: Natural anti irritant. Soothes tired aching and damaged feet. Potent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Organic Beeswax: Powerful anti microbial properties and helps soften and soothe dry irritated skin.

Olive oil: Regenerating powers that helps smooth and soften skin.

Cocoa Butter: Antioxidant properties nourishes, softens and soothes.

Neem oil: Has anti bacterial, anti viral, anti inflammatory and fungicidal properties which makes it perfect for dry skin conditions.

Lemon Myrtle: Potent antibacterial, anti fungal and anti viral agent, more powerful than tea tree oil.  ( I have highlighted this because not everyone is a fan of tea tree oil and this alternative is even more powerful)

Rosemary essential oil: Has anti fungal properties that help with circulation.


My Thoughts

I have to confess that my husband has been using this more than I have, because he has suffered with dry feet for years. For those of you who suffer with dry feet maybe you have used urea based products in the past; he did many times but they never worked. Other moisturizers we tried worked but only temporarily. This foot softening balm works perfectly. It instantly moisturizes the skin and you wake up with smooth and soft skin on your feet. My husband never really pays attention to the many products which are delivered to our door but this definitely impressed him and he isn’t easily impressed.


Overall I am very happy with both products and I will definitely need to restock when they are done. I am eager to try out a few other products from the range.If you are interested in trying out the brand they are available here. It is a wonderful brand and I promise you will not regret your purchase. As always thank you so much for stopping by.