Finding Myself


Ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu is quoted as saying he who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened.How do you know when you have found yourself? What does finding yourself mean and how does it affect your overall sense of wellbeing? Doesn’t finding yourself imply that at some point you lost yourself or could it be that we are all born lost and the ultimate purpose of life is to find yourself. I think that when you have truly discovered who you really are and accepted that person as “self”then it becomes easier to trust that person and you begin to rely a bit less on the opinion of others.

It’s difficult to know or understand who we truly are if from birth we are exposed to some of the key agents of socialisation. I don’t know who I would have been if I was born and raised in the United Kingdom to atheist parents as opposed to being born in St.Lucia in a Christian household. Normally, when people go to find themselves they seek the exact opposite of what surrounds them whether that is in terms of religion or geographical location or even sexuality.I must confess that I have never embarked on any such self seeking journey.What I have done however, is I’ve begun a series of sessions with a personal empowerment coach for women . My empowerment coach Xerces,Here defines empowerment coaching for women as a way of helping women feel their best in mind, body, spirit and business. To be able to reach the depths of a woman that can’t be reached through just any form of coaching but to help her understand who she is and to break free from any confinement that has kept her unhappy in life. I have only just started my sessions so it is a bit early to provide a detailed review but I am thoroughly enjoying it thus far. I think that one of the main requirements for embarking on a self seeking journey is the ability to be completely honest with yourself and to lay yourself completely bare and open to the possibly harsh realities of self assessment .

I think when a person has found himself his thoughts will no longer be clouded by fear or the opinions of others  but it would be replaced with a sense of understanding capable of providing the much needed confidence and strength needed to face the challenges of this life. If you have found yourself  I believe your life will no longer be a reflection of someone else’s and your feelings will not be mirrored by your surroundings. It’s very difficult to attempt to discuss a topic as vast as this in a single post but I am very interested in what you think or whether you’ve ever thought of it at all .

Would life be perfect once you have found yourself? I don’t think so. What I do believe is that you wouldn’t stay in an unhappy marriage for 30 years or remain in a job that made you miserable till you were old enough to retire.When you truly understand who you are I believe that you also develop a keen sense of self preservation. I think that there is a positive correlation between finding yourself and true happiness and once found you will perhaps experience an unwavering joy that you feel at your very core.


Boo Boo Gel Review

Me and my Boo Boo

I don’t believe that this is the actual meaning behind the name but to me, it’s my beauty boo times two. I absolutely love this product. I may not be vegan but my skin pretty much is.

The official painted earth website describes Boo Boo gel as a natural anti inflammatory blemish banisher, to soothe, heal and nourish skin. It is also said to dramatically reduce the appearance of pores. Win Win!!!!


Directions: Apply after moisturiser for acne directly on the area. It can be applied several times a day.

Acne is not an issue for me but the ingredients in Boo Boo gel were very impressive and because of the benefits to the skin I was intrigued. The following ingredients and their uses were what really made me fall in love with Boo Boo gel.

Anti ageing:

  • MSM
  • Organic Gotu Kola
  • Horsetail
  • Dandelion

Anti Inflammatory:

  • Peppermint essential oil
  • Colloidal silver
  • Organic Arnica
  • Organic green tea
  • Wild geranium

The aloe vera gel helps to treat sunburn, the menthol provides a wonderful cooling sensation perfect for summer weather and the organic licorice diminishes the appearance of dark under eye circles, discolouration and age spots.

Most people fear gel formulations because of drying skin ingredients like alcohol but with boo boo gel you are offered a cool minty freshness which is a perfect wake me up in the morning. I don’t think you can expect all day hydration from one application as it is very lightweight so its better to apply a few times a day. It’s perfectly fine under makeup as it is easily absorbed into the skin without any greasy residue.

I only wish that there was a squeeze bottle option. I always prefer these to jars when it comes to skin care products as it’s more hygienic. This is really my only issue but overall I love Boo Boo Gel and it has definitely found a permanent place in my skin care regime.You can find it here. It retails at about £19. Currently not available in the UK, hint hint Joanne but they do offer international shipping. Hope you try it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Finding happiness

One night in the middle of vacuuming and doing the laundry I put on a little music (Fields of gold- Sting) and in that moment I allowed my mind to wander as I often do lol. To be perfectly honest I think it is easier to be miserable than it is to be happy. There’s just something about sadness that seems to linger and something about happiness that just never seems to last long enough.This is what I do to help mine last a little longer or at least to happen a bit more often. Continue reading “Finding happiness”


The media has done a great job making the ideal more desirable than perhaps ever before and for those of us who feel like we look nothing like it, the journey there can be a long and frustrating one.Who doesn’t want to be told that they’re glowing? I have always had very dry and sensitive skin. Acne was never an issue for me but if I ever did get a pimple most definitely an unsightly dark spot would follow. We all love instant gratification but when it comes to skincare patience is usually a requirement. Continue reading “Siskyn”